How to use your Private Portal at the start of your Site Test Drive

17 November 2019

When you start your Site Test Drive you will be faced with the I.P.E. (Integrated Processes Environment) Private Portal. This is the place that you will tell us what your site will look like.

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to add simple info for your website. There are only two steps that will help us undertand your type of business and your needs.

I.P.E. Private Portal is so easy, and powerful to gather this necessary info. Anyone can do it.
Try it yourself, and let us know what is the best site that we can create for you.


Create your I.P.E. Private Portal access. All information that you will have to provide is kept private for you and the team of designers in Test Drive.


After you give your Name and email, press "Start Now" and you will enter your Private and Secure Area with all things necessary for our team to design and build your site.


If all information that you provided is ok, you will receive an email that you have to keep safe. Notice that the email is sent from the address "" and you should make sure that your email system has this address as safe.

The email contains your Private Link to our Secure Portal for all the files and information that we will exchange for your perfect website project.


You may also add a password protection on your portal for extra security.

The little envelope icon on the portal screen allows you to exchange emails with the designers of your site, for any attitional information that you want to exchange with the Test Drive Team.

We wish you a pleasant experience!